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(From Crime Busters Of South Africa)


Latest February 2009.  Economic disaster for South Africa

Adriana Stuijt

March 30 2008. The South African newspaper, The Rapport writes today that from July 2008, all SA private property can be expropriated by ANC-regime after July 2008, when the new Expropriations Act goes into effect.

Any private property - not only land used for agriculture -- can be appropriated by the South African state 's Ministry of Public Works. Effectively, this marks the end of capitalist-style private property rights in South Africa. And all private-property owners will just have to accept any price offered to them by the government under this new law unless they are willing to engage in expensive law-suits to get the market-related price for their properties.

Effectively, this new law thus effectively ends all private-ownership rights in South Africa. It includes ALL properties countrywide: if the ministry of internal affairs wants land for housing 'previously disadvantaged residents, they can and undoubtedly will expropriate land owned by churches, banks, individual home-owners or commercial businesses.

Already the country has no agricultural land left in the legal sense -- since all agricultural land now falls under the jurisdiction of municipal boundaries countrywide.
In 1994 when SA still exported agricultural products on a massive scale, it had 85,000 farmers using less than 7% of the total land surface. At the moment, less than 10,000 commercial farmers remain, raising crops on less than 0.75% of the total land surface. The country is now facing serious food shortages for the first time in its entire recorded agricultural history since the mid-1600's.

Afrikaans newspaper report about new Expropriations Act:,,752-795_2296578,00.html

Brian Deller Comment.    We all knew that, like Mugabe and his disastrous gang, the South African National Congress, now in government,  has been trained to believe in the now widely acknowledged failed system of communism.   The SA government has more than enough land to build homes for the poor in areas where new industries can also be built as the old government was planning under the Apartheid system where the homeland system was designed to not only accommodate the growing population, but also give each area self-government based on each tribe (remember that Mugabe murdered an estimated 20 to 30.000 Matabele tribesmen when he first came to power) with central assistance with new factories and work in a stable society.   This was intended to stop the historic wars and famines that are still endemic in some areas where the black people are in charge.  This would have meant that Mandela, once he had finished his jail sentence for terrorism for he was found guilty of organising caches of bombs and weapons and if there had been a black government he would most certainly have been hung or shot by firing squad.    But the Western world fell for the Marxist sponsored propaganda and declared separate development wrong.     Well folks, history is proving you wrong as we have seen and will still witness as South Africa is going the same route as Zimbabwe even though I hate to have to record it here for my children are still living there.





We read in the national Press and see shocking scenes on TV of the vicious murders and robbing of the foreign refugees in some of the townships in South Africa as they are badly beaten, set on fire with the system of "necklacing, as invented by the terrorist inspired Marxist African national Congress who are in power in government there and best to be able to do all to prevent the carnage.   One of the reasons that the Zimbabwean refugees are there is because President Mbeki has done nothing inn recent years to stop the cruel reign of Robert Mugabe who has all but destroyed that poor country, once one of the richest for its size in Africa where all were happy until Mugabe and the other Soviet sponsored killers successfully grabbed power with the help of the West.   the writer of this below lives in South Africa still and he maintains a web site that keeps the shocking news of a South Africa that is far worse than it ever was under Apartheid.  

Jan writes:

I watch the way the South African Government has handled the so-called "Xenophobia".    The President, Mbeki and the next President elect (?), Jacob Zuma, yes the same man who likes to sleep with HIV positive women.  Good qualification for a big country's leader!) have not got too concerned. They were twiddling their thumbs while Black South Africans were attacking foreign Black refugees here.

Probably the most active and vocal black leader was Buthelezi, the Zulu Prince who heads the IFP. He was thoroughly ashamed and said so, and many concurred. But the ANC did not bother much. Even Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe went to look. But Mbeki and Zuma were notable for their absence.

If National Intelligence knew trouble was brewing then why did the ANC not stop it?    Or, did the ANC WANT IT TO HAPPEN?   >Or did the ANC even secretly INSTIGATE IT? I think so, given its sudden happening?

But what was interesting to me was to watch the way the ANC spoke to the Blacks here who were under attack. The Minister of Safety and Security, that piece of communist trash, Charles Nqakula went visiting the terrified masses, sympathising with them the same way he has done when he pretends to be interested in the many murdered Whites.    But in both cases - has he done much if ANYTHING? The answer is no. Crime is as rampant as ever.

The ANC is only interested in their PUBLIC IMAGE. Yep... that's all they care about. They pretend to "care" but deliberately DO NOTHING because doing nothing is really what interests them.    Mbeki's reaction has been deliberately slow in order to allow the violence to get out of hand.

Then, after watching South Africa's major townships and cities burning... President Mbeki makes a weak, wishy-washy appearance in order to pretend to give a damn.

So he gives the Black Refugees and the Black states of Africa the same lame sort of "We are sorry, blah blah" that we have come to know with regard to CRIME and the MURDER of Whites.

He pretends to be doing something, while in fact Black refugees are being murdered and driven out.    He has done as absolutely little as is humanly possible for a president to do in this situation.

His reaction to the beating up, murder and BURNING of people alive in his own country is as utterly nonchalant and disinterested as his reaction to Mugabe's murder and beating of Blacks and Whites across the border.

I'm amazed that Mbeki didn't yawn out of sheer boredom while giving his speech.

Then he stands there... and lies to the Black refugees and lies also into the face of their governments while TV news journalists are showing film footage where Black South Africans are VOWING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERAS TO RENEW THEIR ATTACKS ON THE BLACK REFUGEES THAT VERY SAME NIGHT!

With regard to the murder of Whites, Mbeki and his government never did anything of substance to change anything.   And that same attitude is showing itself with regard to foreign Blacks in this country.    They are really doing as little as possible so that their thugs (like Mugabe's thugs), can intimidate, murder and steal from Black refugees. The reaction is exactly the same.

Mbeki, Zuma and the ANC want these Blacks driven out of the country.

This is not just amoral, but actually illegal since South Africa is a signatory to the 1951 Geneva convention. They HAVE TO RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF THE REFUGEES. But the reality is that their thugs, and their supporters are murdering the very people whom they have to respect.

Furthermore, Mbeki helped to create a large portion of this problem by leaving Mugabe to do his bit for nine years beating and murdering black people in his own country. So now that millions have fled TO South Africa... now Mbeki & Zuma's thugs in the ANC  get to have a crack at persecuting these people again!

Not only that, but Mozambicans who work on our mines have been driven out by the thousands, so much so that Mozambique had to declare a state of emergency to deal with their own people streaming back.

I think the ANC has shown its hand, and South Africa has taken a huge dive in its moral standing in Africa. The ANC prefers to attack those who are Mugabe's victims, than to deal with Mugabe and to remove him from power. They stand by and attack blacks who have fled trouble in the rest of Africa, and they hardly bat an eyelid. It shows the extreme EVIL inside the ANC - an evil more hideous than people can even begin to believe. It is an evil that goes beyond even racism.   (And they used to describe the old Apartheid white government as an evil as bad as Nazism.)

The ANC sits and smiles and pretends to care while waiting patiently for their own thugs to murder people and to destroy their lives.

But I warned about this in my book, Government by Deception (2001). I warned of what I called "The Marxist Brotherhood".   I said that South Africa would assist Mugabe in spreading his evil into Africa.   They will stand together.

And now we see them, standing side by side as the two most evil countries in Africa.

Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception


NEWS 14 March 2008. click -From

Blast from the past:: 'PLAN TO Re-hire Afrikaner (WHITE) soldiers' - Phidisa-AIDS study:89% infection among black soldiers (MIDDLE RANKS).

Date Posted: Thursday 14-Feb-2008

Col Andre Loubser of the Centre for International Political Studies at the University of Pretoria said in Sept 2004 at an AIDS-workshop report of the Pugwash conference group that the SADF should rehire many of its redundant, skilled Afrikaner soldiers -- who had been fired only because they were of the 'wrong' (i.e. white) race group.

This top SA military man had already warned in 2004 that it 'would be essential to hire healthy soldiers which were not infected with Aids if the Mbeki government wanted to continue carrying out its plans to remain "committed to regional peace and security".

Tests in the joint USA-South African Phidisa Aids Research project among the SADF showed an 89% Aids infection rate (Phidisa Aids Project

And in 2004, the official government figures claimed that 5,4-million people were AIDS-carriers by then - mostly in the pool of working-age people. Strangely, this government statistic has also remained nearly static - four years later, it has moved up to 6-million, even though some 530,000 people a year now are dying of AIDS-TB-related causes in South Africa...

Loubser in 2004 pointed out in 2004 that the Mbeki-regime's anti-white hiring policies were endangering the combat-readiness of the SADF in a big way.

He also noted that it would impact on its international peacekeeping participation in the Congo, Burundi etc.

He warned that these missions could not be undertaken with an SADF which suffered from an 89% AIDS-infection rate among its middle-ranks...

He warned that this would endanger the SA defence force's deployments in Burundi and the Congo as the UN requires mandatory AIDS-testing for such peace-keepers before departure.

"The greatest prevalence of Aids was found among the 25-to 35 year age bracket with more than half being in the permanent full-time force... This means middle-management in the rank groups of lieutenant to lieutenant-colonel among the officers, and sergeant to warrant officer in the 'other ranks grouping".

He wrote: "the implications for (military) deployment become obvious... it can be implied that the financial burden in addressing the situation of staffing, training, deployment and treatment of those infected is unsustainable..."
Unless, he adds, "the policy for manning of force levels in the SADF is overhauled."

Col. Loubser wrote that the joint US-South African Phidisa Aids Project was beginning to deal with the Aids epidemic inside the SA military ranks in a three-pronged way;

1. by testing and identifying infected personnel;
2. by constantly educating personnel about Aids prevention;
3. and by eventually hoping to provide life-extending ARV treatment to personnel and their dependents.

Read entire report:

Loubser pointed out that this exceedingly high test-score of the AIDS-virus in the SA military and the civilian population alike, also meant that they could not hire black soldiers quickly enough to replace those who were falling ill and dying.

This hard-hitting report clearly placed the Mbeki-regime in a serious policy quandary: The Mbeki-regime's policy REMAINS firm: it fires all Afrikaner ("white") employees as rapidly as it can, and replaces them with black Africans.  However, the vast majority -- 89% -- of these new military recruits which were tested in the SADF's Phidisa project in 2004 were found to be AIDS-carriers.

This means that this entire working-age civilian population pool from which these recruits are drawn were already badly infected with AIDS by 2004.

Under Mbeki's present hiring policy, the SA military still must rely on this hugely-infected pool of young black civilians.

What has changed since then?

The SA health department's own statistics already showed in 2004 that the number of Aids-infected people in SA stood at 5,6-million (out of a 46-million population) at that stage or over 12%.

Four years later, they still claimed nearly the same statistics -- which is ridiculous because clinics countrywide are reporting a large number of AIDS-infected patients demanding antiretroviral treatment to extend their lives with, and some 530,000 mostly young working-age adults are now dying of AIDS and TB-related infections each year.

Loubser in 2004 warned that the SADF 's combat-readiness would deteriorate rapidly unless the Mbeki-regime started hiring healthy individuals - who are still mainly found among the white and Indian population groups.

"Accepting that Aids is having a major influence in the realization of these objectives, it is guarantee a combat-ready force."

He said it was imperative to also rehire trained military men, i.e. the great many fired (Afrikaner) military men who have now involuntarily joined South Africa's 40% unemployed people, with many working as security guards for private companies.  He wrote:

"Due to attrition, a large pool of skilled persons is now found outside the organization. Utilizing such persons will require a change to present policy, which should be geared to the needs of the (SADF) -- and not to the current (racially-focussed) hiring policies.'  (This means that all whites are not hired unless there is no other way of filling the job.  Blacks only, not even Indians or mixed races)
source workshop paper:

"Threats without Enemies, the security aspect of HIV/AIDS" - SA Pugwash Group, 25-28 June 2004.

The first Pugwash symposium in South Africa was organised by the South African Pugwash Group and funded by the Royal Netherlands Government. SA contact:
Source URL:

Posted By: Adriana
Adriana Stuijt Websites:CensorBugBear


 Brian Deller comments.   The racist ANC COULD BE heading ever further closer to a SUFFERING A coup by those who are disgusted at their failure to run South Africa correctly and well, as well as their rampant corruption at all levels.     Many blacks would welcome the move as along as there is an improved government which would mean also an administration to suit as a result.    ThE ANC KNOWS THIS HENCE THE PARANOIA AND the BUYING OF UNNEEDED WEAPONS WITH BILLIONS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPENT ON THE ECONOMY.


A Cartoon from South Africa.  Disallusionment?  Perhaps but with good cause.   Please note: with the SA accent as expressed by many of the black people in SA, "haven't" sounds like "heaven".     A clever cartoon that is sadly all too true.

More children dying young now than ever under Apartheid.

260 mothers-and-babies die each day in SA of disease, starvation, poor nursing care

Date Posted: Friday 14-Mar-2008

Submitted by Adriana Stuijt:

JOHANNESBURG, 13 March 2008 - Mothers and children in South Africa are dying in alarming numbers these days -- much worse than they were during apartheid -- in fact they are dying at the rate of 260 children awith their mothers every day.

Far from being on track to meet the so-named Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing child mortality by two-thirds, the South African government is among only a dozen worldwide where child deaths are actually rising.

Picture: SA child dying of malnutrition in hospital, photographed by IRIN news agency: 75,000 SA children now die before their 5th birthday.

In 2000, South Africa committed itself to eight of these millennium-development goals set by the United Nations - one of which included reducing child and maternal mortality and reversing the spread of AIDS by 2015.

None of these goals are being reached in SA.  Every year 20,000 babies are now stillborn and another 22,000 die within the first month of their lives each year.

In total, at least 75,000 children die before their fifth birthday, while 1,600 mothers die due to pregnancy or childbirth complications.

This was noted in the report "Every Death Counts', a joint report with the SA health department, the Medical Research Council and the University of Pretoria medical faculty.

The report notes that more than one-third of these deaths are AIDS-related.

Countries with similar gross national incomes such as Brazil and Mexico, are meanwhile well on track to meet their goals, South Africa is not.

Other mother-and-child death-factors in SA:
- poor quality of care during childbirth,
- not enough or poorly-trained nurses, doctors and midwives;
- failure to prevent/treat childhood infections such as diarrhea and pneumonia.

It must also be noted that during apartheid, such shockingly-high death rates and indeed, starvation did not occur among mothers and children- indeed these child-survival rates in SA then were on a par for those in Western countries such as Spain and Italy.

Importantly, SA children these days are also literally starving to death, with their mothers often too poor to afford daily meals, due to the soaring staple-food prices.

This was directly caused by the SA ANC regime's deliberate destruction of its own commercial agricultural sector (by kicking white farmers off productive farms with the new ones allowing production to fall by as much as 80% in some cases.  Just as Mugabe has done.  This now means that the new regime needs to import massive quantities of grain at hugely inflated prices which millions of the poorest consumers cannot afford.   There's a growing shortage of affordable foods in SA, with many poor families now spending more than 80% of their monthly incomes on food.

The authors estimated that at least 40,200 babies and children could be saved every year if government policies and programmes already in place were better implemented and were reaching the entire population.

In more than half the deaths, the authors identified "modifiable factors", such as lapses in both the coverage and quality of care mothers and children received at health facilities.

At least 260 mothers, babies and children die every day in South Africa.

Strangely -- the Tuberculosis co-infection factor is not mentioned in this report:

- Yet South Africa is also battling an out-of-control epidemic of a particularly fast-killing form of TB-infection with AIDS -- Drug-resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB)-- and which now is the now  the leading cause of deaths among all South Africans, according to other statistics of the SA Medical Research Council and Medicin Sans Frontiers.  And this dangerous disease is being exported to many countries in the West where the infected start on the aircraft with the re-circulating air-conditioning systems.

Source URL:

Posted By: JoAn
*AfricanCrisis Volunteer*


Remember that this, as in zIMBABWE, is a
 self-inflicted problem, not the fault of  anyone else,
 especially Apartheid OR THE  WHITES: the usual ANC claims.
 _______________________________________ __


The following has been copied from the web-site:, a web-site dedicated, as are several others including this one, to exposing the seriously flawed antics of the new SA Government (since 1994) that previously had been a terrorist organisation.  Terrorists never make good administrators: ever!

4 Feb 2008


Take a look at:


4 Feb 2008

SA: Zululand's rivers are open sewers: typhoid, e-coli warnings issued

Date Posted: Sunday 03-Feb-2008:


Note Kwa-Zulu is an area about the size of Wales.  Durban is a major city and port.

 KwaZulu-Natal's rivers are being described as little more thanopen sewers.
That big money-spinning event the Dusi Canoe Marathon had many athletes come down with serious stomach ailments this year due to the huge E-coli (human excretia contamination causing typhoid) levels in the river water.

In March 2008, 260 million litres of untreated human sewage was spilled into the sea near Durban, a holiday resort famous for its beaches.  anyone for a  SWIM?  (AS REPORTED in the SA Press.)  This is also mainly due to the massive electrical power cuts.  Water treatment plants for fresh water and sewage need electricity for the pumps to work properly.  So when it backs up. let it go..............


Durban scientists say 'several rivers' have been polluted with such dangerously high bacteria levels, from burst sewer lines and illegal dumping, that children are also developing skin diseases from swimming in the polluted water. Durban municipality is considering 'incarcerating' (incinerating?) the 'sewage' in the water -- try and picture that one, folks!

Scientists are monitoring river systems around the province and stern warnings especially of TYPHOID, are now being issued.

 Scientist Mark Graham says the 'bugs' found in some of the rivers mean that the province's residents are running the very real risk of contracting human typhoid from the river-water.

Graham's report says 'water quality was found to be poorer within the city than on its outskirts.'

Many canoiests - local and international -- also came down with 'stomach bugs' during the recent world-famous international Dusi Canoe Marathon this year, a canoe race over many kilometres that has been run for many years.

Advance warnings had been issued by local environmentalists to stay away -- but the marathon organisers decided to go ahead with it anyway and foreign participants in particular, not forewarned, had come down with massive cases of 'Dusiguts" last month...

Now they say, the huge money-spinner 'might just have to be called off altogether in future, 'if the E.coli levels are found to be too high."

Durban city says it is 'looking to incinerate some of the sewage in the water...
They also want to 'refurbish old infrastructure as possible solutions to the problem...."


Source URL:

Posted By: Adriana
Adriana Stuijt Websites:CensorBugBear



 Wellington - A veteran New Zealand anti-apartheid campaigner has rejected a nomination for a prestigious South African award for foreigners, saying he is dismayed over conditions in the country, local media reported on Monday.

John Minto, nominated for a Companion Of OR Tambo Award by a South African government official, asked for the nomination to be withdrawn, the Christchurch Press newspaper said.

"South Africa was the democratic country with so much hope and I think for so many people it's been the deepest of disappointments, and certainly it has been for me," Minto said.

"I'm just deeply dismayed at what's happened," he told the newspaper.

I'm just deeply dismayed at what's happened'

 The Tambo award is the highest honour granted to non-South Africans in recognition of friendship, co-operation and support.

Previous recipients include Mahatma Gandhi, Kofi Annan, Salvador Allende and Martin Luther King Junior.

A union organiser, Minto was national co-ordinator of the Halt All Racist Tours movement during the controversial 1981 Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand - when an all-white rugby team representing South Africa was strongly opposed by many New Zealanders.

In an open letter to South African President Thabo Mbeki, Minto blasted the African National Congress government which, he said, had left black South Africans "worse off than they were under (white) minority rule".

"When we protested and marched into police batons and barbed wire here in the struggle against apartheid, we were not fighting for a
small black elite to become millionaires," Minto wrote.

"We were fighting for a better South Africa for all its citizens. The faces at the top have changed from white to black, but the substance of change is an illusion," he noted. - Sapa-AP



In fact John, the situation is far worse than it was under Apartheid.   The average citizen regardless of race or colour is far worse off now with a currency that is nose-diving with a 70% devaluation against the Euro in the last two years, (March 2006 to March 2008) food prices rocketing with farms that have been handed over to blacks only producing a fraction of what they were before, and te cost of imported food also dramatically going up as the USA diverts its grains for biofuel.  Commentators in South Africa expect food riots soon.

Corruption abounds, with a national police chief, Jackie Selebi who is being protected from charges of corruption and defeating the ends of justice charges (until recently he was the President of Interpol) by his ANC friends in Parliament, money being diverted from hospitals and schools to build football stadiums that after the FIFA WC Soccer in 2010 will never be used again to capacity enough to justify the cost and much more including the latest electrical power supply failures that are costing South Africa €100-million a day the country, according to the SA Press.  

This failed public propaganda "coup" has hurt the ANC, but they will shrug it off as they continue to wreck South Africa.  "It is all the fault of Apartheid."  Oh Yeah?  Pull the other one.

Mr Minto most certainly is not alone with making the wrong decision about Apartheid and he is now to be admired for his honesty.  How many others are there in the world as honest? 

How about you Mr. Peter Hain?


'GATVOL*' -- hardhitting criticism of Mbeki-regime in top Dutch publication.

August 10 2007 -- THE HAGUE, The Netherlands. One of the most critical articles of the Mbeki-regime yet published in the Netherlands was issued this week in theHaagse Post/De Tijd, a widely-read opinion weekly in the Dutch capital city.
Its headline reads: "Gatvol - the ANC's South Africa: racism, corruption, violence, unemployment"...
It starts off with the sentence: ' Life under the ANC in South Africa is no joke, and many of its top-educated people are leaving. However, as long as the ANC can capitalise on its 'freedom fighting glories' of the past, it can stay in power.'  The article is not yet made available its archives on the Internet.  (note: Mugabe kept up his glories chants for over 25 years while he wrecked Zimbabwe.  It is Africa after all.  Black Africa?)      I am not a racist, just a realist who is not fooled by the propaganda as any right thinker should not be. 
Those that are have their consciences to live with as millions of blacks starve and live in abject poverty.


NEWS - January 2008.  South Africa is likened to a sinking ship.

 The no-holds-barred article by Dutch journalist Willem Talis pulls no punches.    I quote just a few paragraphs from it to illustrate the point.  He wrote for instance:


"In the Netherlands, preferential treatment over one specific population group over another, is totally illegal."In South Africa it has been raised to a standard to strive for.   " No other country country on earth places such an over-emphasis on race."

"Indeed the ANC-government knows within the decimal point exactly how the racial balances are situated in every facet of their society.

"As far as that particular subject is concerned therefore, nothing has changed at all under black-majority rule'. (since Apartheid finished).

"And whenever his regime is criticised, the president makes it a habit of pulling out the 'race card'."

"The comrades become overnight multi-million-dollar millionaires."

The article also describes detailed examples of why and how all the old struggle-era ANC-comrade-executives are turning themselves into dollar-millionaires practically overnight, and how they will always publicly hail and support each other as heroes even when they have been caught in criminal acts

"The first signs of (this) moral corruption started becoming visible in 1997 - the ANC had been in power about three years when "Reverend" Allan Boesak was accused of stealing money which had been collected to help apartheid-victims.(It was funds, hundreds of thousands of dollars, from  Belgian missionary society for the poor in South Africa.  Boesak spent it on a luxury home, three BMW motorcars, a luxury lifestyle, and a recording studio for his wife.  He was charged mainly due to the media and the opposition party in Parliament, and went to the USA while he waited for the trial.   He was sentenced to three years, but served only a fraction.)

"Upon Boesak's return from the USA, he was awaited at Johannesburg airport by the then-minister of Justice - not to personally clap him into handcuffs, but to pay homage and honour to this former leader in the anti-apartheid struggle."

"When Boesak was tried and imprisoned for fraud, he was accompanied there by supporters raising him high onto their shoulders; he was released from jail early and President Thabo Mbeki gave him amnesty personally.  "Soon it became clearly evident: the comrades from the freedom-struggle could do no wrong".   (In actual fact he was given a PARDON which is very different.  In effect, it meant that he had never committed the crime and was absolved from any punishment.  No public record exists of his paying back the cash he stole, originally R1,1 million.)

"After the takeover of SA's governance by the ANC-government, they also launched a massive social-engineering scheme, during which qualified, experienced white officials were dumped at a huge scale. The downside of this campaign was that huge numbers of these open posts were filled with inexperienced Blacks, also in the judiciary, and that the new managers gave themselves lavish salaries often hundreds of times more than the minimum-wage scale".  (Many officials paid the old job-holders consultancy fees for a few months while they learnt the job. All with tax-payers money.)

"The ANC also enriched its election funds with donations from a mining magnate who has since then been conveniently murdered, and stubbornly refused to refund these illegal donations.    Earlier, the ANC had also earned 1,5-million Euros from illegal oil-deals with the Saddam Hussein-regime.'

"Companies are only given government or private-company tenders such as from banks if they have Black partners. An annual 6,000 new 'dollar-millionaires' are being created in South Africa now. (...) the ANC's official spokesman Smuts Ngonyama summed up this new order in a most meaningful way, saying: "We (the freedom fighters) did not fight to remain poor."  (------No, but just to make sure that the rest of the country is made poor, especially those we promised to serve.)

The article continues:

"ANC-fat cats are only there for one reason: to enrich themselves, and they measure their status by owning expensive BMW's, imposing homes, extravagant lifestyles and the number of security guards they surround themselves with. (...)

"Meanwhile more people now live in hovels than ever did a decennium ago (during apartheid) and the gap between rich and poor has grown ever wider.

"The ANC is the government and vice-versa. The division which is supposed to exist between politics and big differences is disappearing more each day."

The article concludes: "nearly everybody here in South Africa now feels that it's time to end all those nice words about improvements, and an end with a president who claims that he knew nobody who had died of Aids; and who announces that the crime-epidemic mainly is a question of 'perception'.

"A president who has for years maintained the myth that 'quiet diplomacy' with neighbouring Zimbabwe was the only way to solve the chaos caused by dictator Mugabe.'

"In short, many people are 'gatvol' - to use a flexible Afrikaans term..."


GATVOL is an Africans word meaning "fed up" or even much stronger.



The following is a Press report on the current state of the SADF.  Remember, this is the army when run by the old government before the ANC came to power in 1994, that fought the combined forces of the Cuban Army, the Angolan Army and terrorist forces to a standstill in the days of Apartheid in Angola.   Until the USA removed its political support.  Since then, under the ANC, the officers have been changed with affirmative action and the whole ambience of the SADF has been transformed, but read the report, remembering that is is truthful with the references in it from outside professional commentators.

Subject: The walking dead

Most of South Africa's army is either too unfit or too old to be operationally deployed, according to a parliamentary report.
Only 3,000 out of 76,000 soldiers could be deployed and only four tanks could be used in action, according to a briefing by the Defence department.
The chairperson of the parliamentary portfolio committee on defence, Thandi Modise, has called on the Defence Minister to present a plan to remedy the situation within three months, according to the Sunday Independent newspaper.    Military analyst Herman Hannekom of the Africa Institute knows the contents of the report and told BBC News Online that it should start a national debate and the SADF should go back to the drawing board.
Among the examples of the Defence Force's plight presented to the committee was the possibility that up to 60% of soldiers could be HIV positive.
The army has estimated the infection rate at between 17 and 23% but the briefing document quoted an unnamed medical specialist at a military hospital as saying that six out of every ten soldiers admitted to hospital tested positive for HIV.

Seven out of every ten deaths in the armed forces are Aids related, the parliamentary committee was told.

But Mr Hannekom said that the problem with estimating the HIV rate was that "honest statistics" were not available.

Too many generals
The department of defence has not said why so many troops are unfit or too old for operational service.
A department spokesman told BBC News Online that a press conference would be held on Tuesday to give its response to the report.
The briefing said that many soldiers were aged between 32 and 36.
An opposition spokesperson on defence, Roy Jankielsohn of the Democratic Alliance, said that the usual age of an infantryman was between 18 and 22.   Many soldiers were therefore too old for operational deployment.
The army stopped recruiting in 1994 when the armed wings of the African National Congress (ANC) and Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) were integrated into the defence force, according to Mr Jankielsohn.
It is not only the age and medical state of soldiers that presented a problem, the report detailed.
 Only four out of 168 Olifant tanks and eight of 242 Rooikat armoured cars were operational.
air force was reportedly short of fuel and usually ran out of fuel by September each year.
MPs were also told that the army was "top-heavy" with one general for every 293 men compared with one to 2,000 men in the United States army.


We used to have a joke, a little cruel perhaps, but based on facts that if a Black South African could not break something, it was truly a great piece of equipment.   With the above information, serious as it is, we must have a little chuckle at the numbers of tanks, etc that are serviceable now.   Once the equal of any army in the world as far as quality was concerned when it was staffed under the old Apartheid government.

Still, this is what the Western Left Wing wanted.


The current controversy with the South African Minister of Health. 2 Sept. 2007

 Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (Min-Man) has had what many would call a chequered career as a doctor and now a politician as a member of the African National Congress, and  who has for some years, despite in many's opinions not being a capable minister (or doctor?) held high office in the main government of South Africa.  In most countries in the West, a person with a criminal record would not be allowed to hold office but this is the ANC where it would appear anything goes.

It has been reported and confirmed that while working in a hospital in Bostwana in the 1970s Dr. Manto was caught, charged and convicted of stealing a watch from a patient there, and given a suspended sentence and banned from visiting Botswana for ten years.

 Then in 1999, she was again made infamous when she refused to answer a presenter's questions with a simple YES or NO but a load of guff (obviously taken the politician's training course), namely John Robbie.    The question was, "Does HIV cause AIDS?"    This was SA President Mbeki's big gaff at the time as he had publicly stated on several occasions that HIV does not cause AIDS, and many think it was because he did not want to spend taxpayer's money on the drugs to treat the many South Africans, predominantly Black, who were HIV positive.  He later spent a lot though on his new Boeing luxury presidential jet, but that is another story.

 Min-Man is also infamous for saying that beetroot and garlic will cure HIV, a cure she still supports. 

In 2006, international AIDS experts called for her resignation, but the ANC looks after its own, however incompetent they are.

 Well in the last few months, Min-Man has had a liver transplant due to cirrhosis caused by her alcoholism, jumping the transplant queue for the liver, and costing the taxpayers a lot of money in the process.   And she is now reported to drinking again.  She her operation done in a private hospital, not one of her own State hospitals many of which are reported to be dire trouble with shortages of senior trained staff.

And somehow, her medical records were "borrowed" from the hospital so the reason for the operation can be confirmed.  Normally, a person's health records are supposed to be confidential, but when you are as controversial as Manto is, somehow this seems to be unfair to all those who pay her salary.

But this is the new South Africa, the rainbow nation where, if you wish to experience the "old Wild West", you can go there, strap on a gun and walk the streets waiting to be robbed or raped (even a a man).

A contemporary cartoon is below.

NOTE:  "Babalas" is a hangover:

  Minister/Doctor (?) Manto Tshabalala Msimang


South Africans who need AIDS drugs call for her resignation.  But she says beetroot and garlic are good enough. 

And Thabo Mbeki must have his presidential Boeing that cost US$ 43-million to buy and much to run.  To hell with the SA citizens and their AIDS drugs!



It is estimated that in South Africa some 900 people a day die of AIDS.  Before you reach for the calculator, that is 328.500 a year.

An estimate also is that there are 1.000 new infections a day.  I am sure you do not need a calculator for that one.

It is also estimated that South Africa has 5-million HIV positive people.  With a population of 47 million, that is 10, 645%.  But it is also estimated that there are a lot who do not know they are HIV positive.


During the years of apartheid, the world was kept constantly informed of the "terrible" Afrikaner government's continual attacks on the blacks, especially in the townships where they lived.    Now the same thing is happening with the African national congress government authourising the same actions to subdue the blacks who are very unhappy at the way they are being governed, especially with the rampant corruption by officials.

For much more on this current news (Sept 2007) go to (please cut and paste:

Read and wonder what has happened.  We can be forgiven for thinking that the new government is far worse that the old.  At least in the old days the Blacks were stirred up by those wishing to take power with public necklacing being used to convince them.  Now they are demonstrating against their own voted in government.



Groote Schuur loses 60 beds  (Grootre Schur is a major hospital serving Cape Town.)

Date Posted: Friday 14-Sep-2007

Cape Town - Devastated Groote Schuur Hospital doctors have lost the battle to prevent the closure of 60 beds at the hospital, with medical superintendents ordered to start the process from Monday.(This is where the world's first human heart transplant was done in 1967 with the patient surviving.)

At Tygerberg Hospital, according to provincial health department spokeswoman Faiza Steyn, 15 beds have already been closed and a further 15 closures will follow, the Cape Argus reported on Friday.

The Groote Schuur order comes after a week during which not a single bed was open in the entire hospital and doctors were warned to cut back on admission of patients for elective procedures.
Source URL:,,2-7-1442_2183539,00.html

But the ANC has diverted funds to build stadiums for the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010, simultaneously diverting funds from other regional hospitals, one where the foundations had been already started.



South African Police 'lose' 3,856 firearms

Date Posted: Wednesday 19-Sep-2007

[Oh, and lots of these firearms end up in criminal hands. South African criminals use AK47's as well as standard issue South African Military weapons while committing crimes. Jan]

The police lost over 1 500 more firearms during the past financial year than they did during the one before, says the Auditor General.

In an audit contained in the SA Police Service 2006/7 annual report, he found 3 856 firearms were reported "lost, stolen or robbed from personnel throughout the country" during the 12 months up to March 31 this year.

In 2005/6, a total of 2 297 firearms were reported having gone missing in this manner.

The AG also said firearm control registers were not properly maintained by the police in six provinces, but did not specify which.

Further, "bi-annual firearms inspections were not always performed".

The audit also found "inventory differences" to the tune of R18,7-million (€1.81 million) between what the police actually had in their stores and what was shown on their computer system.

This was based on test counts carried out at 18 inventory stores around the country. - Sapa

Source URL:

And this is the country where the government is busy restricting much needed firearms for decent people to protect themselves from the criminals.  


S.Africa: Man shot dead trying to save family from armed gang

Date Posted: Saturday 22-Sep-2007  ( web site)

Just another day in South Africa, except for the politicians who have taxpayer's supplied armed guards.

[Its terrible! Terrible! The number of people in this country who watch members of their family die right in front of their eyes. It is hideous. Jan]

A man was shot dead in Scottburgh (south of Durban, natal) while trying to protect his family from a gang of armed robbers, police said on Friday.

Police spokesperson, Captain Vincent Pandarum said 32-year old Etienne Roets was shot on Thursday night as he attempted to charge down the gunman who had turned the gun on his two children.

He said that a number of armed men had entered the Scottburgh house at about 8pm. Roets and his wife initially surrendered, sitting down on the floor. But when one of the gunmen turned their attention on the panic-stricken children, Roets reacted.

He sustained multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

Pandarum said Roets' mother-in-law was shot in the arm and admitted to Kingsway Hospital

A murder, attempted murder and armed robbery case have been opened. - Sapa

Source URL:


The disaster of the ANC.  What a left-wing Canadian author thinks.


Book: Black South Africans are worse off under ANC Rule - Township violence returns!!

Date Posted: Monday 22-Oct-2007

  • [Adriana sent me this nice piece. Well, its "Disaster Capitalism" being it is being implemented by Socialists and Communists - that's why. I hope the CIA learns its lesson from this. Don't hand the country over to Marxist TERRORISTS and expect them to run a proper Capitalist Pro-Western society!! Jan]


    [Pic] 2007: Book: Black South Africans are worse off under ANC Rule - Township violence returns!!

    'Black South Africans are much worse off under ANC-rule than they ever were during apartheid... ' - Naomi Klein in "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism'...

    After over a decade (13 years) of ANC-rule under President Thabo Mbeki,conditions for black people in SA are today so much worse than they ever were under apartheid that black communities all across the country's townships again have returned to the streets to protest -- waging violence-driven campaigns, this time against their own black regime. They are protesting against their dismal living conditions and also the drastic lack of civil liberties being endured under the Mbeki-regime.

    Far-left Canadian journalist Naomi Klein noted these shocking living conditions of black South Africans under the Mbeki-regime -- describing them in her latest book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism". Klein provides the following list of how living conditions for SA blacks have gotten worse:

    o Four-million people now live on less than $1 a day (doubled since apartheid, was 2 million and there were heavy sanctions in force then.);
    o 48% of the people now are unemployed; it was 28% under apartheid;
    o only 5,000 of 35-million+ black South Africans earn over $60,000 a year;  Many  are paid it but do not earn it due to the affirmative action policies of the ANC government.
    the ANC government has built 1.8 million (ramshackle, tiny) new homes while two-million South Africans have lost theirs; and most have fallen down or have serious defects, whereas similar homes built under Apartheid 40 years or less ago are still standing.
    o Some 1-m blacks were evicted from farms by new black farmers; The evicted blacks were employees who whole lives were there with farm schools, clinics run by the farmers and a guarantee of a life in old age.
    o the shack dweller population grew by 50%, People were allowed to flock to the cities where they are crowded together in unsanitary and dangerous conditions.  At least before they had their own animals and plant crops, and the security of a local community run by a chief.
    o in 2006, one-quarter of the entire SA population lives in shacks without running water or electricity.
    o the TB/AIDS infection rate is soaring past 20% -- and the Mbeki government denies the severity of the twin killer-epidemics;  This is an ANC government whose Minister of Health believes that garlic and beetroot cures HIV/AIDS, is an alcoholic who has just had a  liver transplant paid for by the taxpayers, and was thrown out of Botswana 20 years ago for stealing from patients.  She was a doctor then.
    o The average life expectancy for everyone is at 48 years; it hovered around 62 years during apartheid; It is even worse in other countries that the Europeans have left, especially Zimbabawe.   Par for te course though,.  They are returning to their "roots".
    o 40% of all SA schools have no electricity;   Those that have, like homes and businesses suffer regular long power cuts due to the non-investment inn much needed new power stations.  The sales of home electrical generators have rocketed.
    o 25% of all the 46-million people in SA have no clean water.  And much of the water in the rivers and dams has been polluted by e-coli which is derived from human waste (excretia) due to the ANC's terrible record on governing properly.
    o 60% of all the people have inadequate sanitation; 40% have no telephones. Well it is Africa after all!
    Posted By: Jan
    AfricanCrisis Webmaster
    Author of: Government by Deception





What Rush Limbaugh said about Poverty Doubling in South Africa...

Date Posted: Wednesday 14-Nov-2007 from the web-site.

[Adriana is so very fast!! She found the link to Rush Limbaugh's talk about poverty doubling in South Africa. Thanks Adriana! The transcripts don't mention AfricanCrisis, but those who listened said they heard it!

The key issue in this story though, is that basically, THE ANC FAILED. Its failed in EVERYTHING it campaigned on - OR CLAIMED TO BE INTERESTED IN. Now us whites have always said (and I said this in Government by Deception in 2001), that the REAL ISSUE is not about what is good or bad for blacks. It is about POWER FOR CORRUPT BLACK MARXISTS! That's the REAL GAME. They'll say anything and promise anything until they GET INTO POWER. Once they're in power... you won't get them out - not even if the BLACKS VOTE THEM OUT!! (Ask the MDC about trying to vote a corrupt Marxist Socialist bastard out! Its not possible to do!)

This is a game - a lie. Look, give the ANC credit where credit is due. Using lies and trickery, they out-manoeuvred everyone and they got into power and they even got foreign support and many billions of dollars!! Very nice move. I will tip my hat to the ANC! They lied, and they lied well. They put on a whole big fancy act and they pulled it off. They lied in front of TV cameras. The put on a whole big extravagant act in front OF THE WHOLE PLANET in order to screw us good.

They lied to the blacks. They got the blacks to fight for NOTHING! Their whole FIGHT. *EVERYTHING* they stood for and fought for for 33 years... Their 13 years in power now prove that it was all a complete waste.

Their only hope now is to steal it all from us whites.
They still won't get much and it will still have been a worthless fight - but like Mugabe who gave the blacks farms which they couldn't handle they could pretend to have given them something that is largely worthless to them and which they can't handle anyway.

Look at it another way: If they had NOT fought Apartheid, they'd be better off today (except for Mandela who'd still be in jail). If the blacks had NOT murdered other blacks... or fought the whites or blown stuff up... things would have been better.

Go further: Imagine what this country would be like today under Apartheid, if Nelson Mandela and the communists had never started their war. Imagine how ADVANCED this country would be now if:-
1. White men were never called up to do military service. They could have studied and entered the economy and built businesses and farms.
2. Millions of highly skilled whites would have stayed.
3. Big businesses would never have moved their capital out of South Africa to hide it overseas.
4. Perhaps many more skilled whites from Europe would have immigrated here?
5. Tens of Billions of Rands would never wasted on massive wars to fight the ANC & the communists.
6. There would have been no world sanctions on SA.
7. Foreign corporations would not have disinvested from here. (Most probably they'd have pumped in more funds).

Imagine... 33 years of PROGRESS IN PEACE... No Nelson Mandela... Peace, and progress. Where would this country have been by now? Perhaps it would have been almost as rich as Australia is today?

Think about it. Think about how Nelson Mandela and the ANC destroyed everything for a generation.

Ask yourself: How well off the blacks would have been by now? Imagine the cities we could have built during 33 years of unbroken peace?

Remember MOST of SA's infrastructure was built in the days Hendrik Verwoed ruled this country. The whole highway system - most of the dams, etc. Imagine too... Hendrik Verwoed had never been assassinated.   He was a brilliant leader... Ask yourself where this country would be today?

If Apartheid built the biggest hospital in the world, and it was for BLACKS ONLY... imagine what Apartheid might have done for Blacks with HIV and TB? Hey? Instead of telling the Blacks to eat beetroot and to rape babies... science would have come to the aid of the blacks. Don't you think things would have been better for them too?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: History will show that the ANC was the worst thing that ever happened to this country.
The only mistake I can think of is that the ANC wasn't just shot to pieces to begin with. The Whites were too nice. That was their mistake. I think that was the biggest mistake - was NOT killing them all - including Mandela himself and saving everyone a whole lot of trouble.

This one news item proves that everything Mandela and the ANC, etc stood for was just complete junk. Of course the same can be said of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Swapo in Namibia, Frelimo in Mozambique and the MPLA in Angola. We fought and fought and the IDIOTS, the fools who would not even be able to HELP THEMSELVES - they won! May the Lord God forgive us for losing to such rubbish evil and complete scum. Jan]

This is what Rush said about South Africa and the rubbish ANC. I love it. He referred to them as "a Marxist-rooted bunch, a socialist bunch". Nice!! The truth is welcome. Here's the transcript on his site:-
RUSH: "The number of South Africans living on less than one dollar a day has more than doubled in a decade since shortly after the end of apartheid. The South African Institute of Race Relations said that 4.2 million people were living on one dollar a day in 2005." Can I translate this for you? Poverty in South Africa has doubled since the ANC took control of the country, and the ANC is a Marxist-rooted bunch, a socialist bunch. Poverty has doubled, the number of people living on less than a dollar a day in South Africa has doubled since the ANC took over.

This is the story he linked to:

Here is the text of that story. I highlighted the reference to whites:-

Poverty doubles in South Africa in 10 years: survey

Extreme poverty in South Africa is on the rise, a report released Monday revealed, showing that the number of people living on less than one dollar a day had doubled in about 10 years.

While the country's economy has boomed since the end of apartheid in 1994, unemployment has increased among all race groups, the survey by the South African Institute of Race Relations found.

"The number of people living on less than one US dollar per day (the measure of extreme poverty used by the World Bank) in South Africa, increased from 1.89 million in 1996 to 4.2 million in 2005," said the report.

"As a proportion of the population, this represents an increase from 4.5 percent to 8.8 percent of the population living on less than one US dollar."

While the number of people employed rose from 9.2 million to 12.4 million, a surge of 65 percent in the number of economically active people, from 9.7 million to just over 16 million, still left many unemployed.

"Although the white community had the biggest increase in unemployment, it still had the lowest rate of unemployment, at 5.7 percent. The unemployment rate for the population as a whole was 27.5 percent."

The annual South Africa Survey also found that an increase of 212 percent in deaths in the 30-34 age group between the years of 1997 and 2005, could be "largely attributable to mortality from AIDS", despite a reluctance to note AIDS as a cause of death.

South Africa's infant mortality rate had dropped from a high of 58 infant deaths per 1,000 live births in 2002, to 48 in 2006, and both cholera and malaria were being largely controlled, it said.

"The number of cholera cases in South Africa has been brought under control, from 98,059 cases in 2001, to 2,780 in 2004. Malaria has been largely controlled in South Africa following the reintroduction of DDT spraying," said the survey.

Source URL:

Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster
Author of: Government by Deception


Murder rates in South Africa now 88 a day.

The latest police statistics -  (Adobe Reader required) show that the actual deaths (murder and manslaughter (culpable homicide) through violence in South Africa are almost87 a day, or 32 000 a year.   Compared with say the USA's total of 16 000 a year, with a population of six times that of South Africa, the statistic takes on a whole new meaning. Basically it means that you are twelve times as likely to die a violent death in South Africa than you are in the USA.

Anyone for the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010?


Read the story online:,,2-7-1442_2323443,00.html

Sent by: ertjies
Message: SA 'at the mercy of barbarians'

SA 'at the mercy of barbarians'

May 15 2008 11:36:03:667PM

Hilda Fourie

"It's unacceptable that South Africa has been left at the mercy of barbarians," award-winning author André P Brink said, after his nephew was shot dead.

Pretoria - Prize-winning author André P Brink ranted on Thursday about the country's crime crisis after his nephew had been shot dead by robbers at the weekend in his home. (not unusual in South Africa now.)

"It's unacceptable that South Africa has been left at the mercy of barbarians," he said.

Adriaan Steenberg, 45, son of the deceased author Elsabé Steenberg (Brink's sister), was shot in the face in his bedroom in front of his wife, Leonie, 41, on Saturday morning.

They lived on a smallholding in Leeufontein in northeastern Pretoria.

The couple's three young children - 11, nine, and eight - had been sleeping when their father was shot.

Brink said from the Western Cape: "We must keep hoping at all times that someone will gain control because it doesn't seem as if the government can govern the country anymore."

'Someone in the house'

Leonie said on Thursday that they had gone to Centurion to fetch her father-in-law, Professor Dawie Steenberg, 68, who had come to visit them.

They went to bed about 02:30 on Saturday.    "I don't know what time it was, but my husband jumped up and said there was someone in the house," said Leonie.

The suspects gained access to the house through a window in the dining room.   "Adriaan told me to lie on the floor next to the bed. He also went to lie next to the bed.

"We heard footsteps on the stairs and my father-in-law shouting: 'Help, help!'

"Adriaan got up to press the panic button. He was only halfway upright when they shot him.   "I saw the flash and then Adriaan fell."

The robbers threatened Leonie with a firearm and ordered her to switch off the alarm, while saying: "We're going to kill you, we're going to kill."

Hit out with his cane

They took her to Dawie's room where they tied up her hands and undressed Dawie before tying up his hands, too. They only left Dawie's shirt on.

Leonie said: "One stayed in the room with us and two were outside. My father-in-law rolled on his back and shut the door with his feet to keep them out. He also hit them with his cane."

"He stopped after they threatened to kill him."

Leonie told the robbers they should take what they wanted and leave. She just wanted to get to her husband to help him.

When they took her out of her father-in-law's room, one of the robbers was standing outside with a gun against her nine-year-old daughter's head.

"She wanted to cry, but I calmed her and took her to her grandfather."

Couldn't feel a pulse

The robbers took Leonie through the house and stole money, cell-phones (mobile phones) and a laptop.

At one stage, they left her alone in the room with her husband.

"I felt for a pulse, but there was nothing. I wanted to do something for Adriaan, but I couldn't."

Then Leonie heard more shots outside, apparently fired by a security company, and the robbers fled.

"It was unnecessary to shoot him," Leonie said.

"He believed he was good to everyone and that no one would hurt us."


Brian Deller's comment.

As was forecast, South Africa under a black-run government is continuing to take the country down the road to ruin, and remember this affects everybody who lives there.    The problem is that the propaganda spewed out by those who wanted power, the Marxist/Soviet trained ANC and te other terror groups hoping to grab power,  and what was believed by the masses in the West just because it was in the paper and on TV,  now means that most are scared to even think about the massive problems there as South Africa follows Zimbabwe because they are all mostly brainwashed that it is racist to even consider doing so,. and those who campaigned actively against Apartheid are hopefully sitting privately ashamed, feeling bad about the ongoing conditions they helped to create.    It is going to get far worse yet.  The above is just another example of another day in South Africa, crime capital of the world.    

Thinking of going to the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010.   Make sure that you are well covered by good insurance that covers everything including being infected with HIV if you are raped, man or woman.  Read the small print in the policy very carefully.





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