The following is a report on how a successful and productive farm, built up and operated for many years successfully in South Africa, was sold to a black citizen as part of the handing over of land to the black Africans enforced on the white African owners by the new ex-terrorist government, and it then, like many others, it just failed in the new owners' hands.  The report was in an interview of the black farmer concerned on South African television and it was live so it could not be altered. 

For all those who called the Rhodesians and the South Africans, all white Africans, racists, read and weep for you have made wrong choices, condemning the black peoples to many decades of misery, except, of course, for the few leaders.


South Africa: Incredible: A Newly-failed Black Farmer Admits Blacks were better off working for Whites.


First reported to me on, www.africancrisis.co.za/Article.php?ID=61049&

Some friends of mine told me the following story which was on Carte Blanche last night. Carte Blanche is probably the most highly regarded TV journalism show in South Africa.  It is on the equivalent of BBC television in Britain.

I was told the story briefly so I will sketch it as best I can remember. I'm not sure if the story refers to only one farm, or more than one farm, but I'll sketch the essential details as I was told. (Anyone interested can search the Carte Blanche website for the full transcript as they publish it each time - the link is at the bottom of this article).

It ran a story about farms handed over to blacks in South Africa. In one case, the blacks were given a functioning dairy farm. The blacks then proceeded to slaughter and eat all the cattle. The blacks then dismantled almost everything on the farm and then sold it to whomever would buy it. Then, when the farm was totally destroyed a white man came along and the blacks sold the destroyed farm to a WHITE MAN!!!

See also: www.spainvia.com/agridisasterSA.htm.

The South Africa Govt. said it would seize failed farms back from the failed blacks, but the problem is, the new buyer is white... and he paid the blacks for the (destroyed) farm.

Take note: White Africans in Zimbabwe bought their land too and then the Govt. came and seized them again, so this is an old game.

However, here's the kicker. This farm, the value of which I can only guess must have originally be millions (of Rands, about R12 to the Sterling) at least (dairy farms can't come cheap, due to equipment, etc) ended up with virtually no income in the black African farmers' hands.

Apparently the black farmer admitted that this farm which which was worth millions and very productive till he bought it at a great discount using tax-payer's funds as part of the South African government scheme to remove white Africans off the land, farms that in many cases had been in their families for generations, only netted him about R54 per annum. At the current exchange rate that is about US$7 or US$8 per annum. Yes, the black farmer got this farm... fully functioning... and totally stuffed it up until it was only earning him $8 or less PER YEAR.

So, then on TV, the black farmer admitted (I paraphrase): "We were better off just working for the whites!"

I see in our South African newspapers that blacks across Africa have now proven to be such failures as farmers that the latest idea (and finally, this idea will probably work); they will look for international companies which will do "contract farming" in Africa. So businesses from the rest of the world can then come to Africa, RENT THE LAND ONLY and then farm it!!

The age of White people owning land and farming in Africa is almost over now, and the blacks don't want it. But... these corporations may be the answer. Capitalism to the rescue after socialism, and "Black Economic Empowerment" and "Affirmative Action" have been complete failures.

I just want to repeat something I've said before. I've said this many times, and I will repeat it. Given enough time, in the decades to come, the blacks of Africa will once again be trading away their land, their diamonds, their uranium and gold... for beads and worthless baubles... just like they did hundreds of years ago when the whites first came here. You wait and see... the blacks will go FULL CYCLE BACK TO THE BEGINNING.

I will repeat a story from my own childhood. Even in Rhodesia, under the dreaded rule of Ian Smith, whom the world hated and maligned... the WHITE GOVT OF IAN SMITH GAVE BLACK PEOPLE FREE MAIZE (CORN) SEED TO PLANT. Remember, maize is the staple diet of blacks in Africa. On our dairy farm, my parents had a maize mill. When the WHITE GOVT gave the blacks FREE MAIZE SEEDS TO PLANT FOR THEMSELVES... the blacks would come to my parents with the bags and would pay them money to mill the maize. The blacks would then take the maize meal, and go and EAT IT!! The blacks DID NOT WANT TO FARM... they just took it, ate it, and that was the end of that; in the same way that the blacks in the Carte Blanche story went and killed the dairy cows and ate them instead of milking them.

Blacks in Africa have an almost universal lack of interest in farming. It is that simple, whereas for the whites, it was their strongest point. So now you know why black people in Africa starve to death - and it has nothing to do with the whites and the whites are not to blame for it - in any way whatsoever.

Note, in the days before the Europeans arrived, blacks existed using "subsistence farming" and their women did most of the actual work.

So why have the ignorant liberals and left wingers insisted that the balck peoples of africa are doomed to return to theniran Age conditions with miserable lives and low life expectancies.  They did not listen to thsoe who knew the facts and told all what would happen.  It makes you think that who in Europe are (and were) really the racists as these people in Europe and other Western countries are so fond of calling those who told the truth but were ignored.

Why are they not now, vigorously campaigning to have the wrongs inflicted on the white Africans who knew and told us all along what was to happen and that is why they governed as they did.  It was necessary to preserve all life and civilisation.  The black Africans must now be considered the racists, or is it a fact that in liberal and left-wing minds, only whites can be racist?


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